About Us

The organization was established in 2012 to advocate, protect and promote Human rights and social services to communities in Uganda . With its core fields identified as; Human Rights, Rule of Law, Democracy, Justice, Good Governance, Development, Education and Research. The organization is a non-Governmental, non Profit, political and autonomous Civil Society Organization. It is a member of the World Association of NGOs and its legally registered and licenced by the Government of Uganda.

We offer quality services to communities to help them achieve their interested goals. We are therefore, constantly and rapidly expanding to satisfy our growing spheres and to meet the increasing professional challenges in the Region.

We are a professional, hardworking and skilled team of professionals committed to serving communities in Africa. Our staff is qualified has fully received advanced training from reasonable and licensed institutions. We conduct ourselves according to the highest standards of ethics, mutual respect and recognize that our achievents depend on positive response to people’s demands.

We ensure good and long-term relationships with our esteemed Donors and development partners and build confidence and trust that comes from understanding of people’s demands on the global level. We work jointly as a team, and maintain close contacts with various communities and organizations from other major countries in the world to ensure quality services.

Basically we work tirelessly to earn public trust by exploring the needs and demands in protecting the interests of society. We strive to create a conducive atmosphere that challenges our staff and volunteers not just to meet the expectations and demands but also to exceed them; not just to respond to needs, but also to anticipate them. We are proud of our performance and achievements. We are accountable for the core programs we manage and we enjoy our work and find fulfillment in doing it diligently and perfectly with Integrity and accountability.

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