To be a model organization that believes in protection of Rights and society development and change through equipping communities with modern development tools and knowledge resulting from modern research techniques.


To promote freedoms and sustainable development and addressing challenges facing humanity. In order to transform our communities from low skilled and low income communities to high technical, modern skilled and high income communities.


We offer quality services to communities to help them achieve their interested goals. We are therefore, constantly and rapidly expanding to satisfy our growing spheres and to meet the increasing professional challenges in the Region.

Africa Foundation for Community Development

The organization was established in 2012 to advocate, protect and promote Human rights and social services to communities in Uganda . With its core fields identified as; Human Rights, Rule of Law, Democracy, Justice, Good Governance, Development, Education and Research. The organization is a non-Governmental, non Profit, political and autonomous Civil Society Organization. It is a member of the World Association of NGOs and its legally registered and licenced by the Government of Uganda.


Human Rights

AFCOD-Uganda’s mandate is to promote, protect and preserve human rights and freedoms. We achieve this through advocacy and sensitizing the public, Government and other law enforcement agencies. 

Democracy & Governance

We are committed to promoting Democracy and good governance by ensuring electoral reforms, peace and free and fair elections in the country and enlightening citizens and or voters about their rights and freedom 

Justice & Rule of Law

We promote justice in society by observing and ensuring fair trials and treatment through provision of free legal representation in the courts of law and other tribunals to the needy communities. 


It is relevant to support the future of Human Rights and Democratic Governance in Society through empowering the Human Rights activists and defenders. Under our organization operational budget, ever since we came into force several activities have been carried out in collaboration with both local and international partners and local communities as the major stakeholders. We extend our appreciation and appeal to the international development partners and well-wishers for the support and urge further strategic partnerships and support in our programs. By providing those who defend human rights and democracy with the knowledge, tools and networks to combat injustice, impunity and deliver systemic change because is what we do best in our programs. Our Human Rights Advocacy Programs empower human rights defenders through network building and intensive training to serve vulnerable communities.​

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