It is relevant to support the future of Human Rights and Democratic Governance in Society through empowering the Human Rights Defenders. Under our organization operations, several program activities are carried out in collaboration with both local and international partners and local communities as the major stakeholders at the grassroot.

We therefore, extend our appreciation to the international development partners for the continuous support and urge further strategic collaboration in our programs. By providing the victims and or survivors and those who defend human rights and freedoms with the knowledge and facilities to combat injustice, violence and impunity to deliver systemic change because is what we do best in our mandate. Our Human Rights Advocacy Programs empower the marginalized and vulnerable persons in the local communities through network building,  training and social development programs.


Your support helps our organization to access facilities and services to serve communities diligently. The funds is basically used in urgent response to save victims in emergence cases of Sexual Gender Based Violence and Human Rights abuse in scenarios where the life of the victim and or survivor  is at risk due to the perpetrator’s conduct through provision of immediate social support and safety. Facilitates travels when following up cases of Human Rights abuse and helping the vulnerable and marginalized people in the local communities to access justice.

This enables the organization also to conduct  credible research and organize  training sessions, seminars, dialogues and workshops for the communities to acquire skills and knowledge on relevant programs.It facilitates activists with direct access to policy makers, government officials, diplomats and decision makers to lobby for round table discussions and advocacy on policy matters and implementation that is beneficial to people in the communities in Uganda.


Bank Transfer within & outside Uganda:
Beneficiary Name: Africa Foundation for Community Development  (AFCOD-Uganda)
Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd
P.O.Box 7131 Kampala Uganda, East Africa
Please Email: – For advise on Bank Transfers.