Our organization is professional, structured and provide a multiplicity of services to communities as follows;


AS AFCOD-Uganda our mandate is to promote, protect and preserve rights, freedoms and dignity. We conduct this through advocacy and sensitizing the public, Government and other law enforcement and state agencies. By visiting in mates at police and government prisons to ensure respect and protection of their rights to liberty. And we discourage and fight against evils such as mob justice, torture and all kind of degrading and inhuman treatment in society.


Our cardinal principle is to advocate for the rule of law in society and the world at large in respect and observance of municipal, international law and other conventions and treaties where Uganda is a signatory. This is done in a bid to minimize and discourage abuse of power by the state and its law enforcement agencies and respect the rights of citizens and allow Government legal institutions to operate autonomously on matters concerning law and procedure.


We are committed to promoting Democracy in society by ensuring peace, free and fair elections in the country and enlightening citizens and voters about their rights and freedom of franchise. This is done through agitation for better electoral reforms from Government in partnership with other partner organization both local and international.


We promote justice in society by ensuring fair trials and treatment through provision of free legal advice and representation in the courts of law and tribunals to the needy communities. We also promote awareness and access to justice and equality before the law through group action and or representative suits challenging bad laws and policies that are unfair to the public and this is done to avoid injustice in society.


AFCOD-Uganda carries out sensitization and promotes good governance in society by training, mentoring and equipping local authorities, leaders, organizations and the public with better leadership skills that yields efficiency, competence and better service delivery to the communities in Uganda and the world at large.


Our organization fights corruption and has zero tolerance to bribery and we promote transparency, clean leadership and accountability among political leaders and institutions to ensure better service delivery to the public. This is done through periodic assessments and holding political leaders accountable to avoid mismanagement of funds and abuse of power in society.


This is among our priority areas we promote progress in our country through initiation of various development projects in different sectors of the economy that benefit society. We mobilize and sensitize the public about a multiplicity of vital national development programs and this is achieved in partnership with Government, international development agencies and other development partners to achieve economic change and development in our country.


Our organization promotes education through community trainings and support to the needy and vulnerable children by providing them with sponsorship. This program has helped majority of the children with poor family background to attain a bright future and be of use to society which in the long run yields to the development of the country.


In AFCOD-Uganda due to globalization and technological advancement, we take lead and conduct modern and efficient research, innovations and development on various issues in the world. This enable our organization to gather information, data, make analysis and provide technical advice and assistance to the public, private organizations, Government and international development partners in the world.