Gender Based Violence

Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) has been increasingly recognized as a serious Human Rights abuse, Health issue and a development concern. Because Studies and surveys conducted in Uganda and globally, confirm that Sexual Gender Based Violence has drastic consequences especially for girls’ and women. Where they face physical, sexual and mental health as well as implications for the economic and social well being of families and communities. This is among our priority areas to promote harmony through initiation of various community sentimentalization at various levels, so that people live violent free life and environment. We mobilize and train the public and leaders about peace and violence against women and girls. We also conduct these programs through workshops, media seminars and community platforms. Because Sexual Violence against Women and Girls is one of the most persistent, widespread and devastating Human Rights violations in Uganda.

Majority of Women and Girls across the World experience Rape, Defilement, Domestic Violence, Stalking and other Violence each year and every week Women and Girls are killed by either current or Ex-Partners. There are some Women and Girls who are particularly vulnerable to Violence, including women who have multiple and complex needs such as poor mental health, substance misuse and those who are homeless. Worse still, others may be from less well-served communities or groups, such as Refugee communities, or women who are older and or disabled. Therefore, such women and girls are more likely to slip through the net and not get the specialist-social support they need, and may be at greater risk of repeat and long-term victimization and abuse. Therefore, for this reason AFCOD-Uganda, focus on meeting the needs of Vulnerable Women and Girls who are at risk or experiencing Violence.

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