The Africa Foundation for Community Development (AFCOD-Uganda) is Non Governmental, Non Profit, Non-Political and a Formidable Civil Society Organization. Legally registered under Number: S.5914/11762  by the  National Bureau of NGOs of the Government of Uganda.

Human Rights

AFCOD-Uganda’s cardinal mandate is to advocate and promote Human Rights and Freedoms.This is  achieved  through advocacy programs and sensitizing the public, leaders, duty bearers and other state agencies. We visit in mates under custody in prisons to ensure observance and protection of their rights to liberty and also fight against illegal acts  such as torture, […]

Justice & Rule of Law

The Organization serve as  the mouthpiece for the voiceless vulnerable communities. It promotes access to justice and preserving the principles of constitutionalism in society and agitating for fair  treatment, equality before the law, and access to better services by the marginalized people.Through provision of free Legal Aid Services to the needy and Marginalized Communities in support […]

Democracy & Governance

We are committed to promoting Democratic governance by agitating for  peaceful, free and fair elections and electoral reforms. Where we carry out election observation, civic education programs to enable citizens get enlightened and trained about their rights and freedom of franchise. This is done to achieve development of democracy in partnership with  Government and other […]